Operation Forklift


The League of Nations to the rescue!


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Operation Forklift is a game openly inspired by the Advance Wars franchise. It copies practically all the characteristic elements of the popular Gameboy Advance saga to offer a fresh gaming experience that's rarely seen on PC.

The game has a campaign mode with its own story where you play as the General of the League of Nations, which must intervene to put an end to a military dictatorship in a remote country.

Of course, in addition to the campaign and its scenarios, the game also features a mission mode where you can choose to play against either the computer or a friend on the same computer.

When setting up these games, you can choose how much money or what kinds of units you want to start with so you'll never play exactly the same battle.

Besides that, there's also a level editor to add even more replayability. With it, you can create custom settings from scratch that you can later play alone or against the AI or another human player.

Operation Forklift is a turn-based strategy game that, although it has quite ugly graphics, will surprise fans of the genre with its fun gameplay.
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